C L I R 

Spring Semester 2018

(Schedule subject to change)

Memoir Club

Thursdays, April 5 to Jun 14

10:15 – 11:45AM

Christian Davis and Helene Voto, Longtime Memoirists

Members are encouraged to write memoirs to share in class. New members are welcome.



Great Decisions


Mondays, April 9 to June 4 (except May 28)

1:15 – 2:45PM

Virginia and Bob Stiepock, Primary facilitators, teachers and worldwide travelers

This year’s Foreign Policy Association’s discussion topics: Pax Americana, Russia, China, Media and Foreign Policy, turkey, US Global Engagement and the Military, South Africa, and Global Health. Books are available for $30.00. Please volunteer to lead a session.



The American Experience of Slavery

Friday, May 18 –  The Origins of American slavery

Friday, May 25 –  Abolition and the pro-slavery argument

Friday, June 1 – Slavery: An American tragedy

10:15 – 11:45AM

Jerry Phillips, Associate Professor of English, UConn

Literary culture of the time tells us how Americans lived amidst a great dehumanizing evil in a society claiming to be based on natural individual freedom. Can slavery ever be just? What are the limits of moral consciousness in political affairs?



Photos below are from “Slavery in America and the Underground Railroad” presentation on March 14 by Donald Rankin, Ph.D


Photos below are from “Environmental Impacts of Food Waste and the Global/National Perspective” presentation on March 28 by John Mandyck of United Technologies Corp.