Single Classes

  1. Apr 24 Documenting the 1974 Black Student Sit-In at Wilbur Cross Library 1:15pm
  2. Apr 25 Neo- Liberal School Choice Policies: An Existential Threat to Public Schooling? 1:15pm
  3. May 1 Appreciating the Bones of Connecticut’s Landscape 1:15pm
  4. May 2 The Baloney Detection in the Era of Misinformation 1:15pm
  5. May 8 OK Boomer: Misconceptions about Generational Differences 1:15pm
  6. May 15 The Rise and Fall of the Second American Republic 1:15pm
  7. May 16 Becoming Evil: How Ordinary People Commit Genocide and Mas Killing 1:15pm
  8. May 21 Tales from the Sea: Labor Market Explanations for the Decline of New England Whaling 1:15pm
  9. May 22 Towards Plant- Based Plastics 1:15pm
  10. May 30 An Indigenous Scientist’s Journey to Studying Fish and Gut Microbes 1:15pm
  11. May 31 The Question of Utopia 10:15am
  12. Jun 7 The Question of Utopia 10:15am
  13. Jun 14 The Question of Utopia 10:15am

Spring 2024 Brochure